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Scenery00046My name is Hendrik Lourens Norval or more commonly known as Henry Norval (born 2/6/1963). I have spent my whole life in Benoni or to be more precise in Farrarmere.
This is my personal website but please feel free to browse the content and look at the Online Family Tree which I hope to update and complete in the very near future. If you have any information that you can add please let me know.

Blog: My personal blog “The experiences in my life that change and shape me

Genealogy: Please visit the different sections under the menu heading “Genealogy”. It contains information that I have gathered over the years on the surnames Norval and Botes.

Email Addresses: I am able to give free email addresses to people with the surname Norval. This domain allows 200 addresses and I am not using them, so if your surname is Norval and you would like an address ( then please contact me.

Benoni: There is a section on my home town Benoni which I also hope to grow and add more information from the past to the present.

Scams and Phishing: A very tender subject as I was nearly caught out by an email scam which would have cost me a whole lot of cash. I post all the emails of this nature on this site hoping to warn others not to fall prey to these scammers. See examples here.

Advertising:  If you would like to place an advert on this website please contact me. The site is rather busy and the adverts are yielding results, so please feel free to ask.

Surnames included in the Online Family Tree:
Adendorff, Anderson, Anthonie, Beetga, Bekker, Bengal, Bosch, Bores, Botha, Bredenkamp, Brewers, Calitz, Cape, Carrington, Clark, Coetzee, de Jager, de Jonge, de Vries, de Wit, Dell, Dixie, du Plessis, Egan, Van Emmenes, Erasmus, Esterhuizen, Fourie, Frederick, Gouse, Gray, Herbst, Heyneman, Itzen, de Jager, Joubert, Karelse, Kinnear, Kruger, Le Roux, Lodden, Lotter, Maritz, Meyer, Van Moerkerken, Murray, Norval, Olivier, Piner, Potgieter, Pretorius, Prinsloo, Rossouw, Sanders, Smith, Snyders, Spies, Steenkamp, Steyn, Strydom, Taljaart, Van Blerk, Van Coller, Van Den Kaap, Van Der Berg, Van Huesteen, Van Niekerk, Van Rooyen, Van Straaten, Van Staden, Viljoen, Vrey, Walsh, Watson, Watt, Weeber, White, Wian.

Have a Great and Fantastic Day filled with Love.
Henry Norval