Welcome to Norval.co.za – My name is Hendrik Lourens Norval or more commonly known as Henry Norval. I was born in Benoni in June 1963 and 56 years later still stay in Benoni. On this website I would like to share the history of our surname as well as the surnames associated with my family. Furthermore there are pages on my hometown Benoni and Aircraft info and Photos. If you would like to get in touch to share information or just to say Hi, please use the contact form.

Argox OS214Plus Label Printer Review

The Argox OS214Plus is the ideal entry level Barcode Label Printer. The printer is easy to use and maintain and will give years of trouble free printing if looked after properly. In this article I will explain more about the printer together with troubleshooting tips. The OS214Plus has been around for quite a while and […]

NG Kerk in Reaper Street Farrarmere

I was a member of the Afrikaans Dutch Reformed Church virtually my whole life which started in 1963. Even though I didn’t attend many of the services over the last few years, the church had been an anchor in my life. My family had so much history that revolved around the Church. My Mom and Dad were married in the Church on 6 May 1961.

Homemade Chilli Sauce

I have for quite a few years grown my own different varieties of chilli bushes. The taste of freshly harvested chilli’s can’t be beaten. There is quite a large variety of different types of these pepper plants. The varieties have different strengths and tastes. Once again, it will be best if you want to grow […]

Homemade Oxtail Recipe Simple But Delicious

We decided to cook up some Oxtail for lunch on Sunday. This is only my wife and my second attempt, so we decided to keep it simple. The final result was delicious. We prepared the Oxtail for 7 adults and there was still a little left over. We bought 4 packets of Oxtail at our […]

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Benoni Airfield History

Benoni Airfield 1940 on Norval

The suburb “Airfield” is somewhat to the south of where the actual airfield was and was established after the disuse of the Benoni Airfield – reportedly about 1948 – when Jan Smuts airport was being built and Benoni civil flying moved to the present Brakpan-Benoni airfield.

Mirage F1CZ

Mirage F1CZ on Norval

The Mirage F1CZ was delivered to 3 Squadron of the South African Airforce in 1975. A total of 16 F1CZ’s were delivered to Waterkloof. They were in operation until the squadron was disbanded in September 1992. I was fortunate to be a part of the squadron from January 1983 to August 1989.

History on the surname Norval, Botes and more

Archibald Joseph Norval

I have a keen interest in our Family history. For a number of years I been researching the people and surnames that have contributed to me being here. The main surnames are Norval, Botes, De Wit and Maritz. The surname Maritz comes from my wife’s side of the family. I am slowly gathering information on their family history. The documented information on the different surnames is available under the Genealogy section.

Norval Family Featured Photo

Norval Photography

ArchiBald Joseph Norval and Manie Maritz R.I.P

In loving memory of my Father Archie Norval and Father In Law Manie Maritz. We will never forget you and you will be in our hearts forever.

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