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Welcome to – my little place on the world wide web, its a work in progress, so please visit again .

My name is Hendrik Lourens Norval or more commonly known as Henry Norval. I was born in Benoni in June 1963 and 55 years later still stay in Benoni. I have seen our town grow into the gem of the East Rand and unfortunately seen it decay in the last few years.

I have a keen interest in our families past and have delved into the Norval surname and the Botes surname on my Moms side. The information can be viewed under the menu “Genealogy”.

My blog contains a variety of topics on whatever comes to mind or that interests me. Some rantings and ravings as well.

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I was fortunate to have spent the years between 1983 and 1989 working on the beautiful thunderous Mirage F1CZ at 3 Squadron Waterkloof. The squadron was disbanded in September 1992.