About Benoni

Having spent the whole of my 56 years in this lovely town, I have decided to document all that I can About Benoni.

Benoni is a town in the Ekurhuleni municipal area, Gauteng. The other towns in Ekurhuleni are Alberton, Boksburg, Brakpan, Edenvale, Germiston, Kempton Park, Nigel and Springs.

Benoni covers an area of approximately 175,6 km2 and in the 2011 census the population was recorded at 158 777. Benoni is at an elevation of 1 645 m above sea level. The dialing code for Benoni is 011.

Benoni’s beginnings in 1881 can be read about in the History of Benoni on this site.

Benoni is also fondly known as the City of Lakes due to the 4 large lakes – Homestead Lake, Middle Lake, Civic Lake and the Kleinfontein Lake. These 4 lakes can be seen on the Map of Benoni.

There are quite a few Suburbs in Benoni. More on the Benoni Suburbs.

Benoni Museum

Benoni has its own museum that opened in 1994 on the corner of Elston Avenue and Rothsay Street. Much of the town history is recorded and also details of the “Rand Revolt” that took place in 1922. It is well worth a visit.

Benoni Museum

Shopping Centers and Malls

Below are the more popular Malls and Shopping Centers that I often visit and that I can offer views on.

Lakeside Mall

The Lakeside Mall is situated on the shore of the Civic Lake, between Bunyan Street and Voortrekker Street on the CBD side of the Lake. It was completed in 1990 and offered much excitement to the residents of Benoni and beyond.

One of the huge features is the 160 m long steam boat replica called the Lakeside Queen. The boat accommodated a few retail shops and a popular restaurant. A few years ago the boat was “closed” and the shops and restaurant were no more.

Lakeside Mall and the Lakeside Queen
Lakeside Mall and the Lakeside Queen

The numerous movie theaters also pulled out of the Lakeside Mall leaving a large part empty.

Unfortunately the mall has now become somewhat of an eye-sore in my opinion and I miss the days before it was built. The land it occupies used to be the perfect setting for the Benoni Carnivals and the area was less spoiled.

Northmead Mall

Opened in 1970 it was one of Benoni’s first Shopping Centers. It is situated between 1st and 2nd Streets and below 9th Avenue in Northmead. The mall has undergone many face lifts and changes through the years.

The Northmead Mall offers many popular retailers and a popular Pick n Pay. We often visit this quieter and relaxed mall.

The Square at Farrarmere

The Square at Farrarmere is one of my favorite shopping centers. It houses many restaurants, a huge Pharmacy and many more interesting retail shops. The Square is situated on the corner of Kei and Klip Roads in Farrarmere.

Oakfields Shopping Center

Oakfields is my favorite shopping center. We have been shopping at the Pick n Pay when it was still in the old location in the Center. Since they moved to the new “shop”, they see me at least 3 times a week. The majority of our monthly groceries and meat we purchase here.

There is quite a huge variety of different types of shops at Oakfields. The favorites apart from the Pick n Pay are the Pizza Perfect, Burger Perfect, Fat Cake City and the Clicks.

The center is located in Oak Street between Malva and Hanekam Streets in Northmead. Definitely a place to visit.

Other Shopping Centers

There are quite a few other Shopping Centers in Benoni but not really I places I visit often.

  • Sheridan Center which houses the Farrarmere Pick n Pay.
  • Northmead Square which houses the only movie theaters in Benoni
  • Rynfield Terrace in Pretoria Road and Vlei Street.
  • Will add others if I think of them.

Things to do in Benoni

One of Benoni’s attractions through the years has been the Bunny Park in Pretoria Road, Rynfield. It was closed some time ago for renovations and due to some animal neglect issues. There is talk that it will re-open again in July this year (2019). The Bunny Park has been a favorite and free venue for families for years, since I can remember.

One thing that there is no shortage of in Benoni is restaurants, take away’s and pubs. Use Google Maps to search for eating places near you when in Benoni.

Another place to visit in Benoni is Uncle Tims Cabin. This center contains many interesting antique shops and is also the home of the much talked about “Secret Garden Restaurant”.

If you are more an open air person you should visit Homestead Lake in Wilge Street, Farrarmere. The Korsman Bird Sanctuary is another great spot. It is situated in the Drive, Westdene.

More to follow soon on this wonderful town of ours.