The Argox OS214Plus is the ideal entry level Barcode Label Printer. The printer is easy to use and maintain and will give years of trouble free printing if looked after properly. In this article I will explain more about the printer together with troubleshooting tips.

The OS214Plus has been around for quite a while and proved itself popular and reliable.

Argox OS214Plus Connecting Ports

The Argox OS214Plus offers three connecting ports or interfaces:

  • USB
  • Serial (Com Port)
  • Parallel (Older printer port)


The printer comes with a disk containing the Windows Drivers, Printer Utilities and Bartender UL Label Design Software. The software can also be downloaded from JNS Technologies web site – click here

Argox OS214Plus Features

  • Printer can use Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Print Methods
  • Print Width – can print labels from 25mm to a maximum of 104mm wide
  • Print Length – can print labels up to 1092mm in length
  • Prints at a speed of 4 ips maximum
  • Detachable top cover
  • In TT mode can use Wax, Waxresin or Resin Ribbon 110mm wide by 91m long
  • Standard 12 Month Warranty supported locally in South Africa

Printer Controls

Argox OS214Plus Front View

Power Switch

Controls printer power
On-normal operation
Off-the power should be turned off before connect or disconnect the communication cables and power cables

Feed Button

Advance the label media to first printing position
Press-to advance a label
Press-takes the printer out of a “pause” condition
Press-back feed the label to correct label installation, in case that label is not properly installed. (for OS-202 Peel-Off mode only)
Keep pressing while turning on the power- to print out a configuration profile

Ready Indicator

Show the printers status
Green-printer is ready to operate
Blinking-printer is paused

Power indicator

Shows the power and error status
Off-printer power off
Green-printer power on
Blinking-error occurs

Printer Troubleshooting

Normally, when the printer is in abnormal condition, the “POWER” LED will keep blinking. The printing work and the communication between the host and printer will stop.

Power and Ready LED blinking at the same time. Both on and both off.

  • Miss-detected gap between the labels. Run an auto calibration or clean media sensor. To run the auto calibration switch off the printer, hold the feed button and switch the printer on. As soon as the label begins feeding release the feed button.
  • Label roll or media has run out. Replace the roll of label
  • Label jam. Open the printer and gently remove any label that has become stuck

Power and Ready LEDs blink alternately. One on and the other off

  • Ribbon out – Replace the roll of ribbon
  • Ribbon jam – check that the ribbon is moving and that the ribbons are fitted correctly
  • Ribbon sensor is faulty or dirty

Printing Quality

When you print a label and it has streaks or line running through the print, either clean the Thermal Print Head or have it replaced

Streaks or dead lines in the printed label
Streaks or dead lines in the printed label

More information on Print Head Maintenance can be found on JNS Technologies Website

In Conclusion – I can recommend the Argox OS214Plus as an ideal low to medium volume label printer. I personally have serviced many of the OS214Plus printers and found them easy to maintain and repair. The installation process is relatively easy and the software/drivers come on a disk with the printer or can be downloaded from JNS Technologies Web Site.

To order the OS214Plus or get more information go to JNS Tech’s Website. When asking for a quote use the discount code HN2406 and receive some discount.

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