I am still busy with the research on the history of the Benoni Abattoir and will possibly still make changes as I get more information.

In the early days before Benoni Abattoir was built, animals were slaughtered on the surrounding farms. In 1910 a temporary abattoir was built at the north east shore of the Westdene Pan. It was known as a slaughter pole.

The Benoni Abattoir was built by the council in 1913. It was situated at the bottom end of Kimbolton Street where it meets Railway Avenue. The ruins were still visible behind “Deneys Conradie Residentia” until a few years ago.

Benoni Abattoir
Approximate location of the old Benoni Abattoir

Mr C.A Boyce was superintendent. Mr Willem Daniel Maritz started working at the Benoni Abattoir at about 15 years of age. He was the first loading contractor.

As demand increased the council agreed to build a more modern Abattoir at Benoni Industrial Sites. This was completed in 1935 to the design of the then superintendent Mr H.J Davey.

Mr. Piet Griesel was Head of the slaughter men and Mr. Louis Pieters was Froeman. Together with Mr. Willem Daniel Maritz they made the Abattoir the fifth biggest in South Africa.

When Mr. Willem Daniel Maritz passed away in the late 1950’s, his son Mr. Hendrik Jacobus Maritz took over the family loading contracting business for approximately the following 23 years.

Willem Daniel Maritz is my Wife’s Grandfather and Hendrik Jacobus Maritz is her Uncle.

Candice Cilliers from Unique Interventionz Hair Salon in Rynfield is the Granddaughter of Hendrik Jacobus Maritz or as he was better known “Oom Koos”.

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More information can be found in the family tree