Gout resulting from high Uric Acid levels

For about the last 20 years I have been suffering from quite acute gout. The pain would always attack in both ankles or feet. The gout had affected both my shoulders over the last five years as well. My shoulders were constantly stiff and sore which really impacted on my life.

What is Gout?

It seems gout is a type of arthritis caused by high uric acid in your body which causes crystals to form in the joints. The joints become red, inflamed and painful. I do believe that only a person that has suffered a gout attack will know how painful it is.

These attacks mostly occur at night for some reason, suppose its Murphy making sure you cant find the help LOL.

Living with gout

I remember the time my Father passed away in May 2015. Not sure if it was the tragic feeling of loss and pain that caused my uric acid levels to shoot sky high but I suffered constant gout for almost 3 months after that. Taking meds and natural remedies would alleviate the problem for a few days and “Bang”, my old friend would come right back.

The gout I suffer is not from alcohol consumption as I haven’t had a drink in years but caused by my body not being able to control the uric acid when it gets too high.

The days that my ankles or feet were affected really played havoc in my life. I couldn’t drive the car or see customers etc. I spent the days completely immobile either in front of my PC or in bed. The pain in my shoulders kept me awake at night and put an end to many of the activities that I enjoy.

Sure – there are medicines and pain killers available from the pharmacies and doctors but most with horrific side effects. I was using a tablet called Puricos which was helping to control the uric acid but was negatively impacting my kidneys, so I stopped using it.

My Gout Cure

June this year (2018), I suffered another attack (above photo) in the ankle of my left leg. I posted a photo on Facebook making a joke of it. An old friend from my South African Air Force days (Semper Pugnans – 3 Squadron) contacted me on and suggested I start using a product called “Natures Best Moringa”.

Natures Best Moringa Capsules

I received my bag of Moringa Capsules and sceptically started drinking two capsules in the morning and two later in the afternoon.

It took about two weeks for the Moringa to take effect completely. After the first week the gout subsided to a slight pain and disappeared in the second week. My energy level and wellness feeling increased by leaps and bounds and I started feeling really great again.

The best part of using the Moringa was the slow healing of my shoulders, its been about a month and a half and I can honestly say that my shoulders have healed completely. All the stiffness and pain has gone and all the strength has returned to my arms.

If the Moringa, which is available in different forms, will it work for you – I have no idea, but I can recommend the product to everyone.

Their Facebook Page –

Their Website –

Or speak directly to Andre Erasmus on Facebook

Oxtail Recipe Simple But Delicious

We decided to cook up some Oxtail for lunch on Sunday. This is only my wife and my second attempt, so we decided to keep it simple. The final result was delicious.

We prepared the Oxtail for 7 adults and there was still a little left over. We bought 4 packets of Oxtail at our local Pick n Pay Supermarket, these were about 1KG each, total of 4KG’s.

Preparing the oxtail

First came the tedious task of washing the meat. This was not really necessary the Oxtail was actually clean and there were none of the fine hair that is usually visible on the meat.

We placed the oxtail in two separate casseroles, spiced with salt and garlic pepper. I have learnt the hard way to take it easy on spices as its very easy to change the flavour of food and I don’t want to change the rich flavour of oxtail. We cut up one onion for each casserole and added over the meat.

adding oxtail, onions and spices to the casserole

Oxtail in the Oven

The two casseroles were placed in the oven at low heat, initially started it off at 150 °C. We placed these in the oven at approximately 9:00 and only checked on them at around 12:00, giving the oxtail around 3 hours to do its thing.

We turned the meat in the casserole, added salt and garlic pepper and the curry. I used two teaspoons of Rajah Mild and Spicy curry to add the flavour but not to add heat. I mixed the curry with about a 1/4 cup of Brown Grape Vinegar and poured it over the contents of one casserole and repeated for the other.

We placed them back in the oven and slightly increased the temperature to 180 °C for a further 2 hours.

Oxtail with its juices in the pot

Oxtail final preparation and potatoes

We transferred the oxtail from the two casseroles into a pot big enough to hold all the meat. We poured off some of the meats oil which contained the curry into another pot and added the potatoes. We cooked the potatoes in the oxtails oil and juices in a closed pot for about an hour, turning occasionally until they were soft.

While the potatoes were being prepared the oxtail had been resting in the closed pot on the stove plate that was set to 1 – very low heat.

While all the above was happening, rice and peas were cooked.

When the guests were ready, each helped themselves, filling their plates. Luckily all of them shared our view on the delicious meal. The meat was soft, flavourful and virtually fell of the bone. The potatoes soft and yummy.

The final product!

Please leave comments or tips on how to make this even yummier.


Making Money Online

How to make sustainable money online

This series of writings are going to be about my attempts to make money online, what I have tried and what ideas I still have. Lets start off by saying that there seems not to be an easy way to start making hundreds of Rands straight away, it takes time to build an income from the web but at the same time its not impossible.

Here are two ways that I have successfully made a few bucks so far.

Blogging and Websites with Google Adsense

I am sure you have visited many websites that display adverts on their pages. Most people find this annoying and load add blockers to avoid seeing the ads. All my websites have adverts, not to annoy the readers but simply to try and make some money to fund my website building hobby. All my domains (Websites) cost me quite a few Rands every month for hosting and yearly renewals.

Signing up with Googles Adsense program allows you to add adverts on your site. When visitors click on these adverts the owners of the accounts make some money. I have been using Adsense on all my sites over the last few years and to date have earned a total of R15,716.00.

Unfortunately this hasn’t made me rich yet and I cant give up my regular job yet but plans are being made to increase my earnings with the Adsense program.

The big secret to making money with Googles Adsense is actually quite simple. In order to have visitors on your site clicking on the adverts you need traffic ie. plenty of visitors. Getting traffic to your site takes some time and various methods can be used but I will explain this in another post soon.

So next time you visit a site and see the adverts on the pages just understand that its someone just trying to make some extra money and not out to annoy you at all.

Online Shop for selling your products

The second method I use to make some money is by having a website selling various Data Collection devices and printers. This way of making money is my primary source of income.

The website sells and gives information on Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers and Portable Data Terminals.

If you have a product or service to sell or promote, websites are the ideal way of advertising to the world and doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. All you need is a registered domain name which is the name of your website and obviously a website to display on the domain. Sounds difficult? not at all! If you need a website, simply contact me and together we can set you up at reasonable rates.

That in a nutshell is the two methods I use to make money on the web to date. The Adsense method to make an extra buck or two and the website selling products which contributes to my main source of income. Hope you find this information useful!
I will give more info on my new online ventures soon and explain the methods to drive traffic to your site