Community Service Pros and Cons

My experience with Community Service, the good, the bad and the ugly. In 2012 with somewhat of a struggle I managed to join the local CPF in my town. It started off quite well with neighborhood patrols. It really felt that we could make a difference in our area’s. But as time went by I started to get sucked into the drama and politics of the organization.

Patrolling – the beginning

After some initial training we started patrolling our neighborhood at night and sometimes during the early morning hours. I had no two way radio or any form of communication apart from my cell phone. We had CPF identification magnetic mats on our vehicles and with a SAPS authority number we did our job.

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Label Printer Argox CP-2140EX Special

This months bargain from Norval Family – the Argox CP-2140EX Barcode and Label Printer.

Update!! 6 May 2019 – The CP-2140EX has now become JNS Tech’s most popular printer.

Promotion Special has been extended to the end of May 2019. Read how to get CP-2140EX at at only R3 099 incl vat below

ARgox CP-2140EX Label Printer
ARgox CP-2140EX the next generation desktop Barcode and Label Printer
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Counselling services to the community

Please consider helping Juan-Pierre Bianchina to help the community with Counselling services. The below is what he wants to do and how he needs help to achieve it.

I Juan-Pierre Bianchina would like to run this project in hand with my company. Providing professional Counselling services to the community for those in need who cannot afford it. Also providing food parcels for those in need. To run this project I require a resource to cover the expenses such as follows.

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Treating Gout at Home Naturally

I have been living with gout for about 20 odd years and seem to have it under control. Here is my Natural Treating Gout recipe. Hope it can help others suffering from this painful condition.

In a previous post I mentioned that I was on Puricos for a while but it had a negative effect on my body. So I had to find alternative methods to treat the condition. We all know it is a result of high Uric Acid in your body that causes crystals to form in your joints.

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Label Roll Stand for Label Printers

New product available from JNS Technologies through Norval Family Website – The Godex Label Roll Stand!

I have a few of the Godex Roll Stand or Holder in stock and immediately available.

The unit can hold a roll of label with a maximum outer diameter of 10 inches or 254 mm.

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Barcode Scanner Sale QW2120

Barcode Scanner Sale. Huge saving when purchasing the Datalogic Quickscan Lite QW2120 in quantities.

Purchase 15 x QW2120 USB Barcode Scanners with Scan Stand and pay only R635.00 per unit.

Total for the 15 scanners – R9 525 including vat

Datalogic QW2120 USB
Includes Scan Stand

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Broken down car – how embarrassing

This is a short piece on our Broken down car and the embarrassment it caused my wife and I.

We got invited to an Aunt of my wife’s 80th birthday here in Benoni. We were very excited as we had not seen the family in excess of 25 years.

We arrived at the party and parked our old Polo close to the house and really enjoyed the afternoon. It was great meeting the folks again and all the new additions to their family. A really great time we had!

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Setting Up The 8001 With Lookup File

Here I will explain how to set the Cipherlab 8001 to accept and work with a Lookup file. The lookup file will allow the user to scan an item and see the matching description or any other information in the lookup file on the display.

We will use the Forge Batch Application Generator explained in a previous post.

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Using The Forge Batch Application Generator

A tutorial on the Cipherlab Forge Batch Application Generator for the 8001 PDT. It will work the same for the rest of the 8 Series PDT’s from Cipherlab. Screen sizes may differ and there will be additional features but the basics stay the same.

To install the USB Drivers and the Forge Batch Application Generator go to my previous post. Full instructions on the procedure and where to get the files here.

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