Broken down car – how embarrassing

This is a short piece on our Broken down car and the embarrassment it caused my wife and I.

We got invited to an Aunt of my wife’s 80th birthday here in Benoni. We were very excited as we had not seen the family in excess of 25 years.

We arrived at the party and parked our old Polo close to the house and really enjoyed the afternoon. It was great meeting the folks again and all the new additions to their family. A really great time we had!

We had to leave about 17:00 on the day for other commitments. We walked out to the car with a dear friend of mine’s daughter. The friend was Kobus Maritz, who passed away about 20 years ago.

Came time to go and our polo decided otherwise. It just refused to start, it would crank and that was it. We suffered the Broken down car syndrome LOL. It was most embarrassing trying to start the car with all the people in the house. We decided to get a lift home and left our Polo behind.

The next morning (Sunday) my son and I went to go and fetch the Broken down car. I got into the drivers seat, turned the car and surprise surprise … it started with no problem! Ok, so we drove out the gate and proceeded home. My son drove in front and I followed. In Pretoria road in the vicinity of Fairleads the Polo decided to cut out and there she stood next to road. All attempts to fix and fiddle failed.

Broken down car, Pretoria Road Benoni

Getting help or a tow

Standing there next to the road it struck me that I have Outsurance and they can tow me home. This is part of my vehicle insurance that I have with them. I quickly downloaded their app, filled in the detail and requested roadside assistance. A few minutes later the phoned me, got my location and said they would send help.

It must have been 20 minutes and I received a call from the driver of the Tow Truck that was on his way. All in all I waited about 30 minutes and help arrived.

The kind and friendly Gent loaded up the car and off we went to my home.

Polo being loaded on the flat bed tow truck

Our Polo was dropped off in front of our home in the road. We have some awesome people staying in our complex and many of them came out and pushed the car into our parking area. Rather a steep uphill as well.

The next few days, with the help of a neighbour, we tried to get the car going again. We suspected the petrol pump and I bought a new one, still no luck. Checked the Relay and fuses but everything seemed fine. The electrical plug that plugs into the fuel pump showed 12 volts but as soon as your crank the motor the voltage would go back to 0 volts.

Friday the 5th April I gave up and decided to get a Mechanic to fix the Polo. I asked on Facebook in the group “Benoni Community Network“, which I started years ago, for someone to get our car going again.

I received a reply to my query, someone suggested I contact Johan Lubbe, which I did. He came and towed my car away to his workshop in Impala Park. He contacted me later that afternoon and said he has found the problem. Some badly chaffed wiring and would run new wires and sort out the problem. Johan said he would bring the Polo back at 10:00 on Saturday morning.

The car arrived on time and it was running again! His bill was reasonable.

I can only but recommend Johan Lubbe and will definitely be keeping his number and spreading it around as much as I can. I prefer to make use of the smaller self owned companies than the big guys where there is no “Personal Service”.

Johan Lubbe Auto Repairs
Henry Norval

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