What causes car engine to suddenly die

After having my 2002 VW Polo Classic engine to suddenly die I eventually found the cause. The vehicle would drive with no problem and had normal power, but then suddenly the engine would cut out. Leaving it to cool off for approximately 15 minutes it would start again. After countless hours spent searching for a […]

Two murdered in Benoni 26 May 2019

Two young people were murdered in Benoni at the Putfontein Bridge on the N12 Highway. This occurred on Sunday the 26 May 2019. The two killed was a 19 year old male and a young lady in her early 20’s. The vehicle they were travelling in stopped without fuel near the bridge. While they were […]

Counselling services to the community

Please consider helping Juan-Pierre Bianchina to help the community with Counselling services. The below is what he wants to do and how he needs help to achieve it. I Juan-Pierre Bianchina would like to run this project in hand with my company. Providing professional Counselling services to the community for those in need who cannot […]

Broken down car – how embarrassing

This is a short piece on our Broken down car and the embarrassment it caused my wife and I. We got invited to an Aunt of my wife’s 80th birthday here in Benoni. We were very excited as we had not seen the family in excess of 25 years. We arrived at the party and […]

Paganini Statue at Farrarmere Primary

I really hope I wasn’t the only one curious when I saw the Photo of the Paganini Statue standing at Farrarmere Primary School. After some research I found an article in the Benoni City Times dated 12 November 2016 about the Paganini Statue.

Facebook Group Administrator : Running A Group

So you have been thinking about starting a Facebook Group and being a Facebook Administrator. You might think its all fun and games having a public group. Well in many ways it is but just be careful of the pitfalls. I started and still run two successful groups as a Facebook Administrator. Here are my […]

NG Kerk in Reaper Street Farrarmere

I was a member of the Afrikaans Dutch Reformed Church virtually my whole life which started in 1963. Even though I didn’t attend many of the services over the last few years, the church had been an anchor in my life. My family had so much history that revolved around the Church. My Mom and Dad were married in the Church on 6 May 1961.