Counselling services to the community

Please consider helping Juan-Pierre Bianchina to help the community with Counselling services. The below is what he wants to do and how he needs help to achieve it.

I Juan-Pierre Bianchina would like to run this project in hand with my company. Providing professional Counselling services to the community for those in need who cannot afford it. Also providing food parcels for those in need. To run this project I require a resource to cover the expenses such as follows.

  • Buying food to give out food parcels.
  • Cover the counselling cost per session.
  • Landline and internet cost.
  • Salary of professional.
  • CPD training and renewal of practice license of the professional.

The resource to cover all expenses will be out of Fundraising trough JumpstarterSA and Back a Buddy. Where the project will depend on the public to donate funding.

What is CJCPR all about? CJCPR is providing professional counsellin services to companies on and o site and to individuals. CJCPR is founded by Juan Pierre Bianchina. Juan-Pierre Bianchina has 5 years of training and experience in counselling/psychology. Juan-Pierre Bianchina is registered with the council for counsellors of South Africa CCSA Reg No: IR10133. Directors of CJCPR – Juan-Pierre Bianchina & Christiaan Denicker Wiid

If you would like to help – contact Juan-Pierre Bianchina:

Tel: 087 822 2209

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