My simple and easy Chicken Curry recipe made without much fuss. All my recipes are kept simple with not too many ingredients. We like to taste the different flavors without too many spices. Fresh Garlic is an ingredient that adds flavor to many dishes, I just don’t enjoy the taste any longer for some reason. Rather use spices containing garlic.

This past Saturday was Chicken Curry time again. Flavorful and Mild is the name of the game due to the wife not enjoying the burn.

The Spices used in the Chicken Curry

The Main Ingredients

I purchased a rather large pack of Chicken Fillets at Pick n Pay Oakfields. A large packet of potatoes and onions.

The chicken fillets were cut into smaller pieces and added to the pot. Olive oil was added, together with a good sprinkle of salt and garlic pepper. I fried the chicken until they were done.

Adding the curry Powder

Once the chicken was done, the curry powder was added. I used 9 heaped teaspoons of Rajah’s Flavourful and Mild. Two onions were chopped and added to the pot. This was all fried in the oil for another 10 minutes.

Adding Tomatoes Creating The Curry Sauce

Next came the tomatoes. Four tomatoes were skinned, cut up and added to the pot. The tomatoes make the loveliest tasting curry sauce, I think. A couple of squirts of concentrated lemon juice was also added to enhance the acidity of the Chicken Curry. The lid was put on and allowed to cook at a slow heat for about 30 minutes.

Adding Potatoes to Curry Pot

I am a huge lover of potatoes, fried, baked, chips, mash, boiled, you name it and I love it. Four rather large potatoes were peeled, cut into chunks and added to the pot. There was by this time a lovely curry sauce in the pot. The chicken curry, now with the potatoes, simmered in the closed pot for another hour.

Chicken Curry in the plate

My wife had in the meantime cooked up a pot of rice which was dished onto our plates. The chicken curry was first given to the few that did not want the burn. One heaped teaspoon of Cayenne pepper was added and stirred into the remaining curry, adding the heat!

This is my easy to make Chicken Curry – the secret is slow cooking over low heat. This creates soft and tender chicken and fluffy soft potatoes.

Also have a look at our Oxtail Recipe that also contains curry.

The spices is something I cant give amounts to be added as its a taste and add more type of situation. When I am cooking, I constantly taste and end up not being all that hungry when the food is finally ready to be eaten. The same goes for a braai. By the time the meat is done I ain’t hungry LOL.

Please comment below or contact me with your ideas on how to improve on my recipe.

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