Over the past few years I have had a keen interest in Genealogy. Learning about the families and the history of the families that contributed to me being here. It has been an interesting task, difficult but rewarding at the same time. On the Norval side of things it has been easier as many people sharing the surname seem to have an interest in the family history. I have got quite a bit of info from them and from people contacting me after visiting my website.

Botes Genealogy

My Mothers side has not been so easy. Trying to find info on the Botes surname and history has been quite confusing at times. People that have done the research seem to want money to share their info … Seems fair to get some compensation for all their hard work but I ain’t paying. So I am left scratching around.

Below are my Grandfathers Parents. Please contact me if you have information.

De Wit Surname

The De Wit surname, from my Mothers Mother is still a mystery. I am hoping to still get some history and follow my family back a few years. I have photos of my Grandmother De Wit and her brothers and sisters but unfortunately that where it stops. Hopefully someone will one day get in touch with more.

If anyone recognizes any of the above people or names, please get in touch with me.

The Families Secrets

I must admit though, at times, I have been quite shocked and dumb founded by stories from the older folk regarding family histories and the many skeletons still hidden in closets.

Many people including myself always say that the human race today has kind of lost the plot. The things that they get up to sometimes is horrendous but I am slowly starting to find out that there have always been things being done that are against the norm. I personally think with today’s technology like social media and the press etc any wrong doings get broadcast almost instantaneously and to a wide audience making it difficult to hide the truth.

South African War’s

Then there is the other side of the story. Finding out how our forefathers were involved in the different wars through the ages. The effects and suffering that they endured, breaks my heart! Members of the Norval and Botes families were “imprisoned” in concentration camps during the Boer War here in our beautiful South Africa. Listening to the stories that were handed down and reading the scarce literature makes one really sad and almost depressed.

Norvals Pont Concentration Camp During Boer War

These stories and what I know of our recent “Border War” made me realize that we as a nation or country has never really been at peace. Violence and fighting just change in intensity but has always been present.

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