Gout resulting from high Uric Acid levels

For about the last 20 years I have been suffering from quite acute gout. The pain would always attack in both ankles or feet. The gout had affected both my shoulders over the last five years as well. My shoulders were constantly stiff and sore which really impacted on my life.

Update! read more about Moringa and what else it has done in my life

What is Gout?

It seems gout is a type of arthritis caused by high uric acid in your body which causes crystals to form in the joints. The joints become red, inflamed and painful. I do believe that only a person that has suffered a gout attack will know how painful it is.

These attacks mostly occur at night for some reason, suppose its Murphy making sure you cant find the help LOL.

Gout affecting ankle

Living with gout

I remember the time my Father passed away in May 2015. Not sure if it was the tragic feeling of loss and pain that caused my uric acid levels to shoot sky high but I suffered constant gout for almost 3 months after that. Taking meds and natural remedies would alleviate the problem for a few days and “Bang”, my old friend would come right back.

The gout I suffer is not from alcohol consumption as I haven’t had a drink in years but caused by my body not being able to control the uric acid when it gets too high.

The days that my ankles or feet were affected really played havoc in my life. I couldn’t drive the car or see customers etc. I spent the days completely immobile either in front of my PC or in bed. The pain in my shoulders kept me awake at night and put an end to many of the activities that I enjoy.

Sure – there are medicines and pain killers available from the pharmacies and doctors but most with horrific side effects. I was using a tablet called Puricos which was helping to control the uric acid but was negatively impacting my kidneys, so I stopped using it.

My Gout Cure

June this year (2018), I suffered another attack (above photo) in the ankle of my left leg. I posted a photo on Facebook making a joke of it. An old friend from my South African Air Force days (Semper Pugnans – 3 Squadron) contacted me on and suggested I start using a product called “Natures Best Moringa”.

Natures Best Moringa
Natures Best Moringa Capsules

I received my bag of Moringa Capsules and sceptically started drinking two capsules in the morning and two later in the afternoon.

It took about two weeks for the Moringa to take effect completely. After the first week the gout subsided to a slight pain and disappeared in the second week. My energy level and wellness feeling increased by leaps and bounds and I started feeling really great again.

The best part of using the Moringa was the slow healing of my shoulders, its been about a month and a half and I can honestly say that my shoulders have healed completely. All the stiffness and pain has gone and all the strength has returned to my arms.

If the Moringa, which is available in different forms, will it work for you – I have no idea, but I can recommend the product to everyone.

Their Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/NaturesBestMoringa/

Their Website – http://www.naturesbestmoringa.com/

Or speak directly to Andre Erasmus on Facebook

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