A short tutorial on how to install the Cipherlab 8001 and 8200 on your computer. This covers the USB kit, the RS232 model is slightly simpler.

Cipherlab 8200
Cipherlab 8200 PDT
Cipherlab 8001 PDT
Cipherlab 8001 PDT

Install the USB Drivers

First download USB Drivers (CP210x_VCP_Windows_v6.7) and install. This will install the USB Driver needed to make the Cipherlab 8001 communicate with your PC via the USB Port. It creates a virtual com port which we will get the number of shortly.

Once the drivers have installed connect the cradle to your pc with the supplied USB Cable, insert the 8001 in the cradle. It is important to make sure that you have power plugged into the cradle as the unit will not communicate without power.

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