Mayors and Councils of Benoni History

Thanks goes to Glynis Cox Millett-Clay for the help in completing the list of past mayors of Benoni. Below is the list of Benoni Mayors from 1907 to 2000.

Past Mayors of Benoni

From 1907 to 1940

1907/08R. Dobson
1908/09R. Dobson
1909/10J. M. Davidson
1910/11H. T. Elliot
1911/12J. R. Thom
1912/13J. R. Thom
1913/14G. Rennie
1914/15 G. Rennie
1915/16E. Miles-Sharpe
1916/17J. E. lapping
1917/18I. Kuper
1918/19T. Jones
1919/20R. B. Waterson
1920/21W. T O’Reilly-Merry
1921/22W. H. Balfour
1922/23C. A. Rickard
1923/24J. W. B Craggs
1924/25G. Rennie
1925/26E. Miles-Sharpe
1926/27Arthur H. Moore
1927/28W.H. Balfour
1928/29 Arthur H. Moore
1929/30Morris Nestadt
1930/31W.H. Shorten
1931/32Thomas Newby
1932/33Thomas Newby
1933/34Morris Nestadt
1934/35 Johan H. Greijbe
1935/36Thomas Newby
1936/37G.H. Launder
1937/38Mrs Susan A. Hills
1938/39Morris Nestadt
1939/40G.A. Watt