Moringa Oleifera Natures Best Cure

In a previous post I spoke about using Natures Best Moringa to ease gout. This was suggested by an old colleague from my South African Air Force Days.

Moringa Capsules

I started using the Moringa Capsules in June, just after my birthday. Obviously I ate all the wrong foods which sent the Uric Acid levels in my body sky high. It took about two weeks for the gout to ease and eventually disappear. I also mentioned that the pain in my shoulders that had been around for years had diminished and eventually – gone.

It has now been a touch more than two months that I have been taking 4 capsules a day. The gout has not returned, even after having the occasional energy drink. Energy drinks were a huge trigger for the gout but no more. Meat, especially liver used to also trigger the attacks but that also seems to be a thing of the past.

The pain in my shoulders which was diagnosed as Arthritis, has also not returned at all. I haven’t had a painkiller in these two months – Amazing!

Moringa after two months

Its now going into the third month using the Moringa Capsules – The effects on my body:

  • An increase in energy levels which I need at 55.
  • Embarrassing to say but my erections are like they were 20 years ago.
  • Having more energy has also given me patience, something I lacked previously.
  • I sleep easier and wake up quite refreshed.

I can only recommend Natures Best Moringa to everyone who wants to feel healthier. Whether it will work for you and have the same effects on your body, I have no idea but its worth trying the product.

If you are a user of Moringa and have felt the benefits please leave a comment below and tell of your experiences.


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