My Norval Lineage since 1817

Three brothers came to South Africa in 1817 aboard the ship “Brilliant”.
John (snr) Norval – Archibald Joseph Norval – William Norval

Archibald Joseph Norval married Anna Wilhelmina van Staden
(great great great Grandparents)
They had 7 Children
James Charles Norval – Anna Wilhelmina Norval -Jan Norval – Willem Jan Norval – George Morgan Norval – Margaretha Susanna Louisa Norval – Archibald Joseph Norval

Archibald Joseph Norval married Maria Cornelia Spies (Archibald Joseph Norval died in Bethulie concentration camp 6/01/1902)
(great great Grandparents)
They had 12 Children
Aletta Sophia Norval -Maria Jacoba Aletta Norval – Johannes Jacobus Norval -James Charles Norval – Maria Cornelia Jacoba Norval – Elizabeth Anna Norval – Sarel Jacob Norval – Helena Johanna Norval- Maria Cornelia Norval – Emmerentia Jacomina Norval – Anna Alleta Sophia Norval – Archibald Joseph Norval

Archibald Joseph Norval married Elsie Rosina Adendorff
(great Grandparents)
They had 10 Children
Archibald Joseph Norval – Willem Dixon Norval – Johannes Jacobus Norval – Elsie Rosina Norval – Maria Cornelia Norval – Christiaan Michiel Norval – Elizabeth Anna Norval – Helena Johanna Norval – Rutgert Adendorff Norval – Abraham Joseph Norval

Archibald Joseph Norval and Elsie Rosina Adendorff

Abraham Joseph Norval married Frikkie Viljoen
They had 4 Children
lavina Norval – Elsie Norval – Frederik Jacobus Norval – Archibald Joseph Norval

Abraham Joseph Norval and Frikkie Viljoen

Archibald Joseph Norval married Susanna Maria Botes
(My Parents)
They had 1 child
Hendrik Lourens Norval (me)

Archibald Joseph Norval and Susanna Maria Norval

Hendrik Lourens Norval (born 2 June 1963) married Tersia Maritz
They have 2 children
Shaun Norval and Joseph Norval

Hendrik Lourens Norval and Tersia Maritz 1984

Shaun Norval (born 21 July 1984) married Mandine Lee Botha
They have 2 children
Jason Norval and Kaylee Norval