Norval Family Tree and Genealogy since 1817

Below is the Norval Family Tree that led to me being around. Read more on the history of the surname Norval using the menu above. More people are recorded in the Family Tree.

Three brothers came to South Africa in 1817 aboard the ship “Brilliant”. John (snr) Norval – Archibald Joseph Norval – William Norval and Johns son John (jnr) Norval

Archibald Joseph Norval (b 1775 – d 1842) married Anna Wilhelmina van Staden (b 1799)
(great great great Grandparents)
They had 7 Children
James Charles Norval – Anna Wilhelmina Norval -Jan Norval – Willem Jan Norval – George Morgan Norval – Margaretha Susanna Louisa Norval – Archibald Joseph Norval

Archibald Joseph Norval (b 6/1/1828 – d 6/1/1902) married (5 December 1852) Maria Cornelia Spies (b 1839 – d 1907) (Archibald Joseph Norval died in Bethulie concentration camp 6/01/1902)
(great great Grandparents)
They had 12 Children
Aletta Sophia Norval -Maria Jacoba Aletta Norval – Johannes Jacobus Norval -James Charles Norval – Maria Cornelia Jacoba Norval – Elizabeth Anna Norval – Sarel Jacob Norval – Helena Johanna Norval- Maria Cornelia Norval – Emmerentia Jacomina Norval – Anna Alleta Sophia Norval – Archibald Joseph Norval

Archibald Joseph Norval (b 27/5/1868 – d 9/3/1942) married (9/12/1890) Elsie Rosina Adendorff (b 1870 – d 1958)
(great Grandparents)
They had 10 Children
Archibald Joseph Norval – Willem Dixon Norval – Johannes Jacobus Norval – Elsie Rosina Norval – Maria Cornelia Norval – Christiaan Michiel Norval – Elizabeth Anna Norval – Helena Johanna Norval – Rutgert Adendorff Norval – Abraham Joseph Norval

Abraham Joseph Norval (b 8/2/1910 – d 20/6/1982) married Frikkie Viljoen (b 1917 – d 2000)
They had 4 Children
lavina Norval – Elsie Norval – Frederik Jacobus Norval – Archibald Joseph Norval

Archibald Joseph Norval (b 15/4/1936 – d 4/5/2015) married (6/5/1961) Susanna Maria Botes (b 20/10/1938)
(My Parents)
They had 1 child
Hendrik Lourens Norval (me)

Hendrik Lourens Norval (born 2 June 1963) married (21/1/1984) Tersia Maritz (born 18 September 1965)
They have 2 children
Shaun Norval (b 21/7/1984) and Joseph Norval (b 1/7/1987)

Shaun Norval(born 21 July 1984) married Mandine Lee Botha
They have 2 children
Jason Norval and Kaylee Norval

Shaun, Mandine, Jason and Kaylee Norval

Norval Family Tree – Four Generations. What a privilege!

From Left – Shaun, Jason, Archie, Henry, Joseph Norval