Online Religion on Social Media

Religious postings on Facebook telling me how to live my life are driving me insane!!

This has really become an irritation in my life and really bugs the crap out of me. I have quite a few friends on Facebook and they are from different ethnic groups and religions and I embrace them all as friends but telling me what I am doing wrong and where I am going to end up is really getting me to a point where I am going to “unfriend” them very soon.

My beliefs are a very private thing for me and they are not easily shared with family or friends. My belief is something that resides in my inner soul and it makes me happy and drives me every day to become a better person and to praise the God I believe in. I keep myself humble and “unimportant” amongst all other creations as we are all the same and none is better than the other. Isn’t this what Christianity teaches us? But boy oh boy, some following these teachings just want and need to rise above the rest. Well guys and girls that doesn’t sit well with me at all, go and be important in someone else’s life.

I will never try by any means to influence anyone to follow what I believe in. So if I celebrate Christmas on the 25 December, become quiet over the Easter period or celebrate any other event in my belief, that’s my business and my life.

If I want to dress up and put on a mask to partake in halloween and have some fun, that too is my business and I believe has no influence on the people that believe this to be wrong. So once again don’t preach to me, it has nothing to do with your life.

I live with a very easy motto – “Live and Let Live”. Let me live my life the way I see and feel it to be right and I will let you live your life exactly how you feel and see it to be right. Do this and I can love you as a friend and person.

Author: Henry Norval

Just a Benoni boy that came into this world in June 1963 at the Glynwood Nursing Home. Benoni Junior, Benoni West and Willowmoore High were the schools I attended. Spent 16 wonderful years maintaining the Mirage F1CZ and F1AZ in the SAAF and the old Atlas Aircraft. Been repairing and selling Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers and Mobile Computers since 1996. Am I an expert in the Auto ID Field? wouldn't say so but have learnt a great deal in 23 years.

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