We decided to cook up some Oxtail for lunch on Sunday. This is only my wife and my second attempt, so we decided to keep it simple. The final result was delicious.

We prepared the Oxtail for 7 adults and there was still a little left over. We bought 4 packets of Oxtail at our local Pick n Pay Supermarket, these were about 1KG each, total of 4KG’s.

Preparing the oxtail

First came the tedious task of washing the meat. This was not really necessary the Oxtail was actually clean and there were none of the fine hair that is usually visible on the meat.

We placed the meat in two separate casseroles, spiced with salt and garlic pepper. I have learnt the hard way to take it easy on spices as its very easy to change the flavour of food and I don’t want to change the rich flavour of oxtail. We cut up one onion for each casserole and added over the meat.

adding meat, onions and spices to the casserole

In the Oven

The two casseroles were placed in the oven at low heat, initially started it off at 150 °C. We placed these in the oven at approximately 9:00 and only checked on them at around 12:00, giving the oxtail around 3 hours to do its thing.

We turned the meat in the casserole, added salt and garlic pepper and the curry. I used two teaspoons of Rajah Mild and Spicy curry to add the flavour but not to add heat. I mixed the curry with about a 1/4 cup of Brown Grape Vinegar and poured it over the contents of one casserole and repeated for the other.

We placed them back in the oven and slightly increased the temperature to 180 °C for a further 2 hours.

Oxtail with its juices in the pot

Final preparation and potatoes

I transferred the meat from the two casseroles into a pot big enough to hold all the meat. We poured off some of the meats oil which contained the curry into another pot and added the potatoes. We cooked the potatoes in the oxtails oil and juices in a closed pot for about an hour, turning occasionally until they were soft.

While the potatoes were being prepared the oxtail had been resting in the closed pot on the stove plate that was set to 1 – very low heat.

While all the above was happening, rice and peas were cooked.

When the guests were ready, each helped themselves, filling their plates. Luckily all of them shared our view on the delicious meal. The meat was soft, flavourful and virtually fell of the bone. The potatoes soft and yummy.

Oxtail ready to eat
The final product!

Please leave comments or tips on how to make this even yummier.

Henry Norval

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