Shop owners often ask how they can simplify their Stock Taking procedures using a barcode scanner. I will try my best to explain how it works and how it makes stock taking easier.

Using a Portable Data Terminal

A Portable Data Terminal like the Cipherlab 8200 or 8001 is ideal. For the purpose of explanation I will refer to the Cipherlab 8200. The 8001 works exactly the same, the 8001 is just the entry level product and has a smaller memory capacity.

Cipherlab 8200

Cipherlab 8200 Stock Taking Scanner
Cipherlab 8200 PDT

The Cipherlab 8200 has a keypad for entering data, A display and either a Laser Scanner or Area Imaging scanner built in. The models with the Laser scanner are used to scan all 1D or Linear Barcodes and the Area Imager used to scan all 2D or Composite codes. You need to determine which model will be best suited.

Stock Taking

Lets assume you have shelves with bins that are marked with a Barcode. You will scan the barcode and count how many items there are in the bin. The quantity will then be entered in the correct field and you can then scan the next barcode, do the count and enter the quantity. This process will be repeated until all the bins have been scanned.

Alternatively you can just scan every item in a bin if they contain a barcode. Using this method you will not be entering a quantity.

Once you finished with the scanning the unit is placed in its dock which is connected to a PC via USB Cable. The program “Data Read” is run on the PC and “Upload Data” selected on the 8200. The scanned and entered data is the uploaded to the computer.

The uploaded file is in “CSV” format which can be opened with Excel or directly imported into most Stock Packages. Check with your software provider how to do this.

Example of simple CSV (Comma Separated Value) File
984754765670, 10 – The first digits being the code scanned and the second the quantity.

Using a Lookup File

It is possible with the Cipherlab 8200 and 8001 to upload a lookup file. The lookup will in its simplest form contain the barcode number and a description. This file must also be in a CSV file format. The software running on the 8200 must be configured to work with this lookup file.

Once the software has been configured and the lookup file loaded, it will display the corresponding description when a barcode is scanned. You can use this to check that prices displayed on shelves are correct – if you have the prices in your lookup file.

The Forge Application Generator

The application generator is a PC based software that is used to configure how the 8200 will operate and what is displayed on the screen. Once you have configured the Application Generator Software, the file is saved and sent to the 8200 PDT.

Using the software is relatively easy but I do offer support on the software if the units are purchased from JNS Technologies.

The Forge Batch Application Generator Software can be downloaded from here.

You are welcome to download the software and have a look and see what it is all about. Once the software is installed it will also extract a PDF manual.

If you have any questions or if you need more information do not hesitate to contact me at

The Cipherlab 8001 Portable Data Terminal Promotion

Cipherlab 8001
Cipherlab 8001

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