Stress The Silent Killer Affecting Our Lives

Stress – the silent killer, is something I experienced in my own life a few years ago. We were going through a really tough time financially and it was taking its toll. My wife and I were walking around in the Lakeside Mall when the strangest feeling came over me.

Stress – First Panic Attack

I started sweating profusely, my heart rate sped up and I felt like a trapped animal in the mall and honestly thought I was going to go crazy. Luckily it went away when I stepped outside to get some air. I do understand that it was a panic attack that I experienced caused by the stress.

Overly Aggressive

The next incident came a few months later when I was at our local little supermarket. I pulled out of the parking and couldn’t drive off as there was an old man that had stopped in my way to allow his wife out of the car.

For a few moments I was stuck and I thought I was going to go crazy. I was at the point of getting out of my car and walking over to the old man when I suddenly thought to myself – what the freaking hell is wrong with me, relax!

When my life changed

That night when I was in bed I started thinking about the days episode and where my life was headed and realized that life is passing me by. All I was focused on was a lavish lifestyle.

Over the next few days things changed, almost as if someone else had taken control and was leading me in a different direction. My eyes were opened to all the beauty around me. My inner being became calm and relaxed. I started seeing nature, the moon, the stars, love and the beauty of creation as a whole.

Relaxing Scenery

There are still negative things that pull me down at times and negative people that darken my mood. Joys of working with miserable and difficult customers is one, but that I have to live with 😀 .

But when I see what is happening to people who still lead the stressed life, it saddens me and I wish I could help them but its impossible. Road rage incidents is but just one example of how rushed and stressed people are. We just have no time for one another, which is not the way it was intended to be I’m sure. Our crime situation is not helping either

We should not live ignoring the situation in our country but also see the beauty around us. Look at the beauty around you, see the plants, watch the sunrise’s and sunsets. Greet people you walk past and give them a smile, do the things that make you happy and spread love as far and wide as you can.

There are times when I still get frustrated and annoyed with people I know but have learnt to distance myself from them and their negative energy. But they are still my friends and I do care for them. I just cant be around them when their moods darken – Strange but true 😛

So dear reader please take a deep breath and relax, be happy, love yourself and love the people around you.

Henry Norval

Author: Henry Norval

Just a Benoni boy that came into this world in June 1963 at the Glynwood Nursing Home. Benoni Junior, Benoni West and Willowmoore High were the schools I attended. Spent 16 wonderful years maintaining the Mirage F1CZ and F1AZ in the SAAF and the old Atlas Aircraft. Been repairing and selling Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers and Mobile Computers since 1996. Am I an expert in the Auto ID Field? wouldn't say so but have learnt a great deal in 23 years.

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