I have been living with gout for about 20 odd years and seem to have it under control. Here is my Natural Treating Gout recipe. Hope it can help others suffering from this painful condition.

In a previous post I mentioned that I was on Puricos for a while but it had a negative effect on my body. So I had to find alternative methods to treat the condition. We all know it is a result of high Uric Acid in your body that causes crystals to form in your joints.

Growing up, I was always under the impression that gout was caused by alcohol and all the “dronkies” used to suffer from it. But guess the assumption was not 100% correct. I haven’t touched alcohol in years.

Treating Gout, what works for me.

The conclusion that I have come to is that water is the number 1 aid in combating gout. I noticed that most of the attacks occurred in the winter months. During the cold months I never seemed to have drank much water but rather coffee etc.

The second must have is my Moringa Capsules. An old friend from the SAAF days suggest I use Moringa and it works wonders in many other areas as well. I drink 2 capsules every morning. Contact me if you would like the contact details of my Moringa supplier Andre Erasmus. You can get him on FB – https://www.facebook.com/moringa.oleifera.5205

The next in my arsenal is either Cod Liver Oil or Salmon Oil. I alternate between these two every morning. Just one in the morning together with the 2 Moringa Capsules

Next in line is my daily dose of Bicarbonate of Soda. Every evening before bed I drink one teaspoon of Bicarb in a glass of water.

As I mentioned before, drink plenty of water. I have a minimum of 2 liters a day which is fine in summer but need to force it in the winter.

Foods to avoid in combating gout

The foods to avoid or consume in moderation when Treating Gout is an important step to avoid the pain are:

  • Red Meat must eaten in moderation. Two to three times a week seems fine.
  • Liver, be it chicken, beef or lamb are huge triggers of gout. I find eating liver once a week is fine.
  • Beetroot and Tomatoes are a killer in my case. Eat in moderation and drink plenty of water the day you eat these two.
  • Alcohol is a huge trigger but not in my case.
  • Energy drinks are a killer! If I have to, I drink half a can in the morning and the rest at lunch time with plenty of water in between.
  • Stress also seems to cause gout attacks. The two worst gout episodes happened after our financial crisis in 2008 and when my Dad passed away.

So to sum it all up – Drink plenty of water, Natures Best Moringa, Cod Liver or Salmon Oil, Bicarbonate of Soda and watch what you eat and drink.

The above helps me keep the gout at bay but everyone is different and you should see what triggers your gout. For a few weeks, write down what you have eaten and drank in that day. When an attack occurs then you can look back and figure out what triggered it.

I really hope this can help someone in Treating Gout or just give an idea what could help.

Only someone that has or is suffering from Gout can understand the excruciating pain.

Please leave comments below if you would like to share your gout stories and remedies.

Henry Norval

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