Two young people were murdered in Benoni at the Putfontein Bridge on the N12 Highway. This occurred on Sunday the 26 May 2019.

The two killed was a 19 year old male and a young lady in her early 20’s. The vehicle they were travelling in stopped without fuel near the bridge. While they were waiting for help they were gunned down by 3 armed assailants.

The 3 assailants then tried to set the vehicle alight but it seems passing motorists were able to extinguish the fire.

Two more Murders in Benoni over the same weekend

Another two murders were reported over the same weekend at the squatter camp near the Putfontein bridge.

A bravo male was found dead at around 18:00 on Saturday night with gunshots to his head and torso.

On Sunday night around 22:40 the body of a white male was found at the entrance to the squatter camp.

Social Media

What gets to me the most is the spreading of bad news on Social Media. On Sunday the 26th posts were flying around about two Murdered in Benoni. Surely extremely tragic stories like this should not be spread around out of sympathy to the victims and there families.

The same evening I saw photos and names of the victims splashed out all over the net. Having the absolute pain of hearing your loved ones have been murdered must be terrible. Imagine seeing the photo’s of the deceased all over the media and reading all the speculations on what happened.

Sometimes I wonder if the posts start flying around before the families have been contacted about tragic news. Can you imagine learning about a tragedy concerning your family from posts on Social Media. I’m sure it must have happened already.

Murder and Crime

There is a post I wrote some time ago on the crime situation in Benoni. It still seems to be out of control but the most common crime is house break ins which is not life threatening. But when it gets to hijackings, armed robberies or murder it is on another level.

My wish is that the whole community of every town in the country can become involved in the local CPF or neighborhood watches. We have to take back our areas from these thugs.


The Norval Family would like to send our deepest Condolences to the families that have lost Family Members due to these horrendous crimes. I cannot imagine the pain that must be felt together with the anger.

Message from the Gauteng Province Community Police Board.

Murdered in Benoni - Message from the Gauteng Province Community Police Board.
Henry Norval

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