After having my 2002 VW Polo Classic engine to suddenly die I eventually found the cause. The vehicle would drive with no problem and had normal power, but then suddenly the engine would cut out. Leaving it to cool off for approximately 15 minutes it would start again.

After countless hours spent searching for a cause I eventually came to the conclusion it was the fuel pump. But there was a twist in the tale.

Purchased new fuel pump

I purchased a new fuel pump which cost more that 1K and with some difficulty fitted it in the tank. It should be quite an easy task if you know how, but it was my first time lol.

Polo Classic Fuel Pump that caused engine to suddenly die
Polo Classic Fuel Pump

The car was perfect for about 2 months and then it happened. We were driving in Benoni and the engine suddenly cut out again. What could cause the engine to suddenly die now again?

The problem carried on for a few more days. The engine would die but start again after the magic 15 minutes, sometimes sooner. But the fatal day came where it stopped and did not want to know anything about starting again.

I had to have the Polo loaded on a flat bed and taken home. Thank You Outsurance!

Stuck at the side of the road
Polo refusing to go any further

Finding the problem

The next morning, I together with a friend, started looking at the problem again. We noticed that the fuel pump motor was not spinning and appeared dead. We unplugged the power plug and measured the voltage supply to the fuel pump.

The voltage was a steady 12 volt and we decided that the new fuel pump must be faulty. After testing the voltage again when the plug was plugged into the fuel pump we noticed that the voltage would drop to about 3 volts. 3 Volts will not turn the fuel pump motor.

Conclusion and remedy

After calling in more help and further testing it was found that a wire feeding the pump was chaffed through and shorting to the cars body ever so slightly.

It was decided to rewire the fuel pump’s electrical supply from the relay. Rather a time consuming task but well worth it!

Its been 5 months now and the problem has not occurred again. Seems the problem is sorted and the Polo is going like a dream again.

Hopefully this will help someone that experiences the same issue, please let me know.

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